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We are a team of head lice professionals at the forefront of the new challenge against 'super lice'. We have designed the best and most affordable head lice vacuum comb attachment for getting rid of head lice and 'super lice' efficiently. With this equipment, plus your vacuum cleaner & instruction manual you will be able to get rid of head lice in all types of hair, including waist-length and bushy hair.


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The product in action

Product Advantages


Designed and used by head lice professionals

The best and most affordable vacuum attachment for getting rid of head lice efficiently.


Strong suction power

Strong suction power is one of the most important requirements when vacuum combing head lice. Handheld vacuum cleaners are inadequate for louse removal. See Video


Long comb teeth

The rounded stainless steel teeth are long enough (up to 3.5cm) allowing you to comb through a much higher volume of hair than other similar products.


Effective against 'super lice'

'Super lice' are completely powerless against this product and there's the added benefit of not having to use any harsh chemicals.


Smooth combing

The gap between the rounded stainless steel teeth is precisely calculated to trap even the tinyest of lice nymphs without pulling on the hair.


Key visibility

The filter section provides key visibility allowing you to measure progress by seeing and counting the number of lice.


Strong comb section

The comb section is tested with a 7kg weight pressed against the back of the teeth of the comb. See Video


Comes with 50 washable filters and a 1 year guarantee

Extra washable filters are available: £4 for 50 filters, air mail shipping included.


Value for money

Can be used whenever required by family members, friends or even customers. It is built to last a lifetime.

Video 2:
7kg strength test

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Option One £44

+ £20 Registered Priority Air

Option Two £54

+ £20 Registered Priority Air

50 Extra Washable Filters £4


Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Head Lice Vacuum Comb attachment an electrical appliance?

No, it must be attached to a domestic vacuum cleaner.

Does it work with any vacuum cleaner?

It works with domestic vacuum cleaners with a maximum nozzle diameter of 37 mm (not suitable for stick and robotic vacuum cleaners).

Are there any dangerous chemicals involved?

There are no dangerous chemicals or pesticides involved with this product.

Can it be used with babies?

The Head Lice Vacuum Comb attachment is designed for persons aged 4 years and older. It is not recommended for babies or very young children.

Is it easy to use?

Like most things, practice makes perfect but once customers become proficient they will realise this is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of lice problems.

Can the equipment be re-used?

Yes, the Head Lice Vacuum Comb attachment can be used whenever required by family members, friends or even customers. It is built to last a lifetime.

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